Streamline onboarding of customers, do instant refunds and never misses a collection even while running offers !

Instant refunds and Instant Collections

Losing track of your customers, not being able to offer them refunds immediately or forgetting to collect payments can be a thing of the past with BankCloud. BankCloud is a unique cloud-based solution that helps you streamline customer onboarding, do instant refunds and never miss a collection. Even while running offers !


Streamline Onboarding

Using Bankcloud's DATA API stack, digitize all KYC verifications, bank account verification with various providers and ensure your business is always up and running with fail safe connections.

Delight Customers with Instant Refunds

Using Bankcloud's Banking API, do instant refunds, get account balance and statements in a heartbeat

Never Miss a Collection

Customers often experience payment gateway failures during offers and sale period due to huge volumes of transactions. With BankCloud Payment Gateway APInever miss a collection by using a dynamic routing on a serverless architecture, that too it always chooses the most commercially viable route.

Your platform for Scale

Boost conversions
Replace complex integrations with a single, unified integration with BankCloud, thereby maximizing conversions with the use of performance driven routing and fail safe approaches.
Scale Infinitely
With the server less architecture you can be guaranteed to operate with 99.95% uptime. Do not worry about changing load and customer requirements.
Reduce Cost
Reduce cost of maintenance and multiple integrations. Say goodbye to high infrastructure costs.
Analyze like a Pro
BankCloud comes with inbuilt reporting and analytics platform so that you can keep up with provider performances, uptimes and realtime success and failure rates.
Best time to Market
You can focus on building great products and not managing changes in an ecosystem or compliance. Add new modes, submodes and payment providers with the click of a button.
Bank Grade Security
Our APIs are open banking and PSD2 compliant. We use strong encryption algorithms to ensure data protection and security.

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